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Executive Coaching

One to one confidential coaching sessions offer an ideal way to develop the potential and skills of clinicians and managers alike. They are directly focused on the issues of the client in a way that a training event can never be.


I see clients with a range of issues but a common desire to examine the situation and bring about positive change. I approach these issues in an individualised way with no pre-conception of the right answer. I work with clients to help them help themselves. The type of issues discussed often include


Regaining work/life balance
Making more efficient use of time
Making the right career choices
Developing management and leadership skills
Supporting organisational development

Supporting organisational development
Responding successfully to work or personal crises
Dealing positively with change
Being effective in new roles
Developing interpersonal skills and self-awareness

Typical clients might be:

  • A GP who has recently taken on an executive partner role

  • A practice manager who is new to primary care

  • A GP with a leading role in commissioning

  • A doctor considering a change in role