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Team Development


I work with teams in a range of situations to improve the focus and performance of the team. Typical issues include

- Developing strategy and clarifying goals for example with a GP practice uncertain of their direction

- Agreeing roles and ways of working together for example with a team of pharmaceutical representatives

- Reviewing the effectiveness of meetings and communication for example with a group of GPs

- Dealing with problematic relationships within a team

I don't believe in giving you an answer but in supporting you to find your own solutions. My approach is flexible and based on a thorough assessment of needs through discussion with key individuals. This will then lead to a personalized package which may include:


- Team away sessions

- Facilitating key meetings

- Individual coaching for key team members


I believe that in order to achieve the improvements that you want to see an ongoing relationship over a period of months will normally be most effective. The first step is a no obligation free and confidential discussion of your situation.